11th Croatian Summer Salsa Festival, Rovinj 2015

A friend of mine always says; whose lover is a passionate of salsa (and he isn’t): “Paola, it’s pure sex”. And really, when one really looks at it – he is not too far from the truth. When June arrives everyone knows what is on the repertoire: Croatian Summer Salsa Festival. And what happens then – Rovinj flows in thousands of people who are dancing, love to dance, want to dance, want to learn, or just like to watch. It’s hard to listen to the hot, summer, salsa rhythms and stand stiffly with a glass next to the bar. This isn’t what are you doing. June 22nd in Rovinj you are coming to get a hell of fun. Because, honestly I don’t know which is the next Salsa Festival on the Adriatic coast as good as this in Rovinj. This our large world becomes so small.

Micro location, our city of Rovinj at once is the home of Americans, Brazilians, Russians, absolute every Europeans, Australians, Scandinavians, Canadians … Why to do a list- it is a never ending story. It is already a classic. You will hardly figure it out where one comes from and there are no language barriers. It seems that eight days of festival duration – ‘salsers’ speaks a little of- language. Body language is definitely placed in the foreground. And it looks something like this- all in summer mode, short dresses, narrow, nice tan, sensuality in streams, and all kind of joyful (someone thinks that they are not from this planet).

Rovinj every June becomes a nicer place to live. Not only beautiful- it’s joyful and very positive. To ‘salsers’ and those who are not, but every year they want to become. I am wondering – after this 11th edition of Salsa Festival in Rovinj, will finally be someone to remember to extend the same, for the first-hand, at least for a month. There are not the reasons for this – no! On the eighth day (last day) when dancers pack up and go wherever – all we ask, where they went and what are they doing now, are they still cheerful, what are they thinking, is elsewhere better than with us … They wake up the jealous. Like when you break up with your partner. We love ‘salsers’ and we love that they are coming every year. We love to watch them radiate positive energy, to walk through our streets, to drink plenty of water (while some ask – how can they be so relaxed without the alcohol) and even more dance, we like to hear them at 6 am in the morning returning to the apartments, and further as cheerful and relaxed… We really don’t want to let them go. Salsa Festival in Rovinj gives a new twist, a wonderful introduction to a long hot summer, enthusiasm and reason for the nicer view on the world.

All of you who are still thinking to come and be a part of these dance miracles in Rovinj, do not do this to yourself. Buy the tickets for the seminars (it is important to learn something new), learn the dance steps even if you in general have forgotten what they are, catch that ray of sunshine, book now the apartment, room, tent, camping trailer… As soon as possible and make happy yourself and us. Treat yourself to a summer to remember. Relieve the monotony and routine that we live. Say ‘ciao’ to dark office and colleagues who you are watching 300 days of one year. Remove the tough, uncomfortable shoes, and buy some dancing shoes. Pack a hell of a swimsuit because you will dance when you’re not in the dance halls – on sandy beaches, pools, probably in the fountain on the main square. Take the sun cream because you will spend eight days out and good sunglasses because you will not sleep. Take a camera and do a reminder why you need to come again next year in Rovinj for Salsa Festival.

And let’s go to the beginning of the story – salsa is pure sex, eroticism and sensuality. What drives all of us. It makes us live. Beautiful and desirable.


11th Croatian Summer Salsa Festival, Rovinj 2015

Paola Baričević

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