The fans of the underwater world, the locals and the guests often explore Rovinj’s depths. Although we don’t have the richness and colorless of the corals, we are not tropics and probably there are those who would say that diving in these areas is quite monotonous one more time we’ll conclude- the tastes should not be discussed. The impassioned diver the love to the sea looks through some other glasses, in this case- the mask. What you will see in the Rovinj underwater world is linked to the turbulent history of this area. When 114 years ago in UK started the construction of the passenger steamboat Baron Gautsch no one’s aim was to someday this big guy be visited by the adventure divers. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. In 1908 this steamboat was built for 300 passengers who wanted to travel from Trieste to Kotor.

The eternal wars of the world, in this case the 1st world war took a price to, then, six years old Baron Gautsch. Baron Gautsch 100th anniversaryIn 1914 on the way from the Veliki Lošinj to Trieste Baron hit a mine and sank six nautical miles southwest from the Rovinj’s lighthouse Sv. Ivan na pučini. At least 246 passengers have experienced the crash, till these days, the biggest sunken steamboat in Croatian waters. The fortune in the accident point out to the (only) 148 passengers and 31 crewmembers. From then until today this giant has become the home for the fish and the attraction for the divers.

The same as people 100 years ago were left without the sea North-South lines even today the situation is not much different. In the season 2014 all of us who live here, the same as you who will arrive will need to organize well to get to Veliki Lošinj, Susak with the beautiful turquoise coast, the small Silba or the City of the Sea organ. Our happiness lays in the fact we didn’t sank with the catamaran and the only connection of Pula with the islands of the Adriatic archipelago in the peak of the season. If you are not durable swimmer on the long run the best is to stay in Rovinj and dive into these 40 meters to the Baron Gautsch. At least we know where it is specifically while for the unfortunate Pula catamaran we don’t. Every track of it has lost except the online timetable for the 2013 and the price lists 100% more expensive compared to the 2012. That the transport connection in the country is not our best thing we have can testify anyone who has tried to come with any public transport. Coming with the private car in Croatia pulls some another topics that we’ll not open this time. We can only mention them for those who don’t read between the lines- price of the tolls and the fuel.

Let’s get back to the sea depths and the summer cases. As every pacifist and positivist we’ll conclude- wherever you are on the Adriatic coast you’ll have the great opportunity to take a peek at some of the nature miracle and the occasional attraction. If you are already in Rovinj make that dive and visit a sunken Great to pay him the tribute. Perhaps the best time for that is on his birthday, the August 13th. Baron Gautsch, happy birthday to you!

Baron Gautsch – 100th anniversary, Rovinj

Paola Baričević
Rovinj, August 13th 2014. 

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