The temperature jumped and we have already forgotten that the spring was here. The season of the events in Rovinj started months ago and now the on the doors of the most beautiful city on the Croatian coast beats the 10th edition of the Salsa Festival 2014. The result of the published program is spinning in the head and the only question that comes to mind is: will be enough time to visit everything from the repertoire and to stay at least a few hours for resting and sleeping in the ten days of event?

Just to be clear: Salsa Festival is not for the dancers only. It is dedicated to all those who likes to socialize, to dance or just to look how the other people do it, wait the dawn by the pool, on the beach, in the legendary factory or on the lawn in front of it. This festival celebrates the happiness, the passion and the sex appeal. In Istria there is hundreds of different festivals dedicated to the chamber music, to the dialect of Istrian-Venetian, to the early music, to the wild herbs, the honey or god-knows-what-else. The Salsa Festival’s continuance of 10 years speaks for itself about its quality. If you are able to catch any musical rhythm this is the festival for you. You will absolutely dominate the podium. If you are in the category of rusted people when we are talking about the dancing but do not even remember how that happened- the Salsa Festival can be your best therapy this season. Here doesn’t matter who you are, how you look, what you do for living or where you come from. All the Salsa people are characterized by the several qualities and because of them it seems as they came from some other planet where there is no tax rate, the dismissal of ministers or the destruction of traditional fishing fleet due to excessive devastation of the Adriatic fish. The Salsa people emanate joy, wearing a big smile 24 hours a day and just a few clothing item 20 hours a day. Simply, it must be they have understood there will always be problems to think about and that there was no time when everything was just OK. So, instead of banging head to the wall, probably the best thing you can do for yourself is to once again come to Rovinj and dance. From the morning to the night, till the rhythm spins your head, just keep going for days and finally, for the whole week. Maybe the Salsa Festival is meant to be the best event of the season 2014 and you’ll miss the opportunity to find out if you don’t come to the city of St. Euphemia for the June 23rd.

Croatian summer salsa festival Rovinj, Croatia 2014The hot rhythm of the salsa, the bachata, the rumba and the Cuban rhythm will hold the 50 dance masters. If you improved all the possible dance steps on the workshops you attended during the winter just to be a star for the Salsa Festival 2014, there is no time for resting because the bunch of arriving people are bringing some new hot rhythms which will get your body to melt of passion. Speaking of Salsa people- do you know that they already booked all the kinds of the accommodation, the apartments, the small rooms or even the entire houses? The accommodation for so big events never can be under the question. Although the Salsa Festival is the place of extremely relaxed and happy people you will be neither of it without a shower where you could brush your feet filthy from tapping in the concert rhythm on the main city square.

Also, get a map of our small town because among the thousands of tourist you will hardly find a location of the dance workshops. This year the Salsa people will occupy the entire free surfaces to spread its mission. The several hotels, the Multimedia Center, the former tobacco factory, the main square, two camps and one entire island will be the scene of passionate, sensual dances of half-naked, shaped or not shaped bodies.

We hope you do not suffer from seasickness because it’s not a place neither time for that during the afternoon boat trips through Rovinj archipelago. Not even for claustrophobia. The crowded boat will navigate a sailor with blue and white stripes on the summer coif. He will, just like a real captain, avoid shallows but still navigate close to the coast and make those on the hot city ground jealous. Here’s the next day and all of them on the party boat!

The Salsa Festival 2014 in Rovinj is probably the best way to open the summer season. If the day can be recognized by the morning we had, for the Salsa people this could be the best summer so far.

And remember, it doesn’t matter are you the best dancer in the group. The most charming usually are those who want to learn and try to catch the smooth step.

Croatian Summer Salsa festival 2014 – Rovinj

Paola Baričević
Rovinj, June 9th 2014

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