We all like modernity and what it brings- the modern design and comfort, the new line of the sports cars, the music, the fashion, the new book titles, the new movies as well as the new gastronomy, the recipes and the molecular cuisine. That’s the sign of developing, growing and changing. Despite that, when someone mention some period from the past, when we remember how we lived then and what was in then, an unusual sense of the well-being comes to us. Exactly that kind of convenience and the memory on the 50’ we’ll feel in Rovinj, as part of the Dolce Vita festival. How appropriate name!

Three days in the early June, one of the best period in the year when the sun still do not force us to hide under the air conditioner or to diveDolce Vita 2014 Rovinj deep into the blue where the rays are not so hot as they are on the surface- we’ll dedicate our time to the festival that glorifies all the best emerged in 50′ of the last century. From June 5th to the 8th, today’s 60-years-olds and even older ones will remember how it was like growing up in the time of the Dali, Picasso or Magritte fine art. The younger generation will take a peek into the world they have seen only through the media till now. The icon of the style and the femininity Marilyn Monroe as well as Audrey Hepburn will revive. The vehicle fleet will convert into the old timer luxury in which there will be no X6 or A4 or some other too short name. Old timer comes to the scene and probably each of will want to ride, to feel how it is to hold the steering wheel in the own hands. To make it more interesting the organizers have thought that you should also be the part of the event, not just as the visitor. If you have the two or four wheels metal pet in your garage for the last 50 years- this is the right time to take it out to the walk. Take it to the Dolce Vita festival so the visitor can admire it and wish it’s theirs. Then you sit on the antique seat and drive away. Oh, sweet, sweet jealousy!

For the passionate collectors of everything, for those who never succeed to separate from any of the fashion pieces ever worn – this is the right time to make your démodé wardrobe once again desirable and wearable. You have enough time to take out the narrow waist dresses and glamorous white gloves, suits and scarves! Take advantage of this nice spring weather to aerate all that past in the shape of clothes put a touch of life in the shape of perfume and so nice dressed and desirable go out to dance. What kind of 50′ it would be without the music?! The vintage bands will arrive from Croatia, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and Spain. It seems like a great reason to go out for that June weekend. If you’ve forgotten how look like the retro dance steps it might be the good idea to refresh your memory in the privacy of your home. For those who have always felt like having two left legs this is the good time to learn from the begging. That’s the proof that’s never too late for anything, even for 50′. On the Dolce Vita festival you can also join the dance workshop. Tango or techno movements are out of the question. The repertoire includes the apposite lindy hop and swing.

For those who have born too late to remember the ’50s there will be the great exhibition of everything used in those wonderful years. The inevitable jewelry, the clothing and maybe the occasional piece of the footwear, upholstered furniture (that we thankfully get rid of till these days), the household appliances, photos and who knows what else. The weekend without the shopping is not a weekend so you will be able to buy the occasional piece that will remind you for a long time on the Dolce Vita festival. Mostly without clothes or with just a bit of some costume will be, who else then the pin-up girls. For those who hasn’t seen what it looks the burlesque performance this is the right time for it. That’s the reason why this festival is called Dolce Vita. Because life is really sweet!

Dolce Vita festival 2014

Paola Baričević
May 17th 2014
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