History and culture, gastronomy and historical landmarks of the city.
About Rovinj

Rovinj, a small town of the west coast of Istria, with only 15.000 inhabitants, is the greatest tourist center of Istria. Rovinj is surrounded by a total of 22 islands and islets, most notably St. Catherine and St. Andrew Island (known as Red Island). It is characterized by art and romance, and is one of the most picturesque towns on the Mediterranean.

In the 1963. the old town of Rovinj was declared a cultural monument. Patron of Rovinj is St. Euphemia, at which it was named the greatest monument – baroque church of St. Euphemia. The wealth of forests, natural beauty, sea life, natural attractions and the city core of Rovinj – the Old Town, makes this city an absolute must on any trip. The town of Rovinj will seduce you with its narrow streets like “labyrinth” which is characterized by the elegance and warmth of the Mediterranean.

Rovinj has long been known as a city whose climate benefits have a positive effect on health. According to the research of Rovinj, Rovinj makes third sunniest place in the Adriatic, and the place with the least cloud.

The rich fishing tradition began on a small island, created a cultural element of the population of the city of Rovinj. Unique boat “batanas” with the song “bitinada” have become long-recognized symbol of the cultural heritage of the city of Rovinj. The population of the city of Rovinj mainly engaged in fishing, tourism, agriculture, wine and viticulture.

Rovinj’s beauty and traditional values especially appreciated the artists who painted the best content, views and motives of the old town and the coastal area of Rovinj, subjecting them to the street of the artists – Grisia.

Gastronomic part characterized by a rich and wide range of traditional and Mediterranean specialties. A whole range of excellent restaurants, offering every palate  best selection of flavors. Walking along the sea you will come across a wide range of bars, coffee bars and cocktail bars to make your evening more completed.

The town of Rovinj offers a wide variety of activities such as cycling, diving, swimming, jumping off the rocks, paintball, fishing, boat rides or kayaking, sailing …

When we talk about Rovinj, we can’t forget to mention about the fun part of various events. In fact, each year during the season, various events are held, such as celebrating the day of Rovinj (Day of the patron St. Euphemia), various exhibitions and galleries of paintings in the famous street Grisia, fishermen nights, night dances in the center of town, festivals like Salsa, Rovinj Photodays, Kultfest …

Information about Rovinj

What is worth to visit:

  • Church of St. Euphemia
  • Rovinj Heritage Museum
  • “Batana House” – Eco-museum
  • Baroque Balbi Arch
  • Chapel of the Holy Trinity
  • Church of the Holy Cross
  • The Franciscan Monastery
  • Watchtower with St. Mark’s lion
  • Zlatni rt (Punta Corrente), Forest Park
  • Rovinj aquarium – Institute “Ruđer Boskovic”
  • Ornithological reserve “Palud”
  • St. Andrew’s Island and St. Catherine’s Island

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